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  • Noam Zomerfeld

    Noam Zomerfeld

    Interaction Designer, Tinkerer and Human Wizard. Currently working on the next generation of 3D Printers with 3D Systems. 👋🏼

  • Jason Mojica

    Jason Mojica

    Journalist / Filmmaker

  • Beverly Rengert

    Beverly Rengert

  • Culture Trip

    Culture Trip

    Your essential travel companion for feel-good trips. Discover and book stays and experiences hand-picked by our travel insiders on culturetrip.com

  • Donny Kimball

    Donny Kimball

    Tokyo-based freelance digital marketer who is addicted to exploring Japan’s hidden gems… https://donnykimball.com

  • Rod Walters

    Rod Walters

    Originally from Bristol, England, I’ve lived in Japan since 1991. I’m a tourism consultant, photographer and writer, and I run ShikokuTours.com.

  • Marianna Zanetta

    Marianna Zanetta

    Anthropologist. Lover of Japan.

  • Terrie Lloyd

    Terrie Lloyd

    Australian/Kiwi Serial Entrepreneur based in Tokyo, Japan, for 35+ years. My life mission is to help open up Japan and make it more accessible to non-Japanese.

  • Ashley Harvey

    Ashley Harvey

    Japan based tourism marketing professional

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