Motoyuki Shitamichi at Miyanoura Gallery 6. Photo by A. D. McCormick.

Koinobori, traditional carp windsocks, flying over Naoshima’s school grounds this month.

An abandoned factory building, now maintained as part of the Seirensho Art Museum campus. Photo by the author.

A small island’s fame as a destination for art tourists is growing by the day, but the big picture is more complicated.

Mitsukejima and Jianhua Liu’s “Drifting Landscape” in Suzu. All photos by A. D. McCormick unless otherwise noted.

Schools are closing. Populations are shrinking. Towns are fading away. Rural Japan is turning to art festivals for a fresh start.

A. D. McCormick

A. D. McCormick is the director of the Art Island Center on Naoshima.

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